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Welcome to my website. For many years, parents and auditory integration training (AIT) practitioners have urged me to have my own website where I can share my experiences and thoughts with people throughout the world. Well, here it is. I have asked some of my AIT friends to help me upload some of my writings (past and present) onto this website.

I am retired now and live in Annecy, France. The photo on the left is a picture of me standing in front of my old clinic. If you know your AIT history, I learned about an auditory stimulation intervention called the Audio-Psycho-Phonology approach (or the Tomatis method), which was developed by the late Dr. Alfred Tomatis. I worked with Dr. Tomatis for a short period of time, but I left because I felt that the Tomatis method was inefficient and it focused on the emotional aspects of hearing. For example, he blamed the mothers of autistic children for causing their child's disability. He said that if the mother's voice was mean or harsh during the pregnancy, the fetus would feel rejected and unloved. Once born, the infant would feel unwanted and thus becomes autistic. This is ridiculous! Dr. Tomatis never recanted his theory about autism even though hundreds of research studies have shown biological, not emotional, problems cause autism. (You can read more about my thoughts on the Tomatis method below.)
I felt that an auditory intervention could be developed which would be similar to physical therapy. I then spent five years developing another form of auditory intervention which is known today as auditory integration training or Berard AIT.

I have approved only two AIT devices for the Berard AIT method -- the AudioKinetron and the Earducator. The photo on the left is a picture of the Earducator, and the photo on the right is a picture of me standing next to my very first AIT device and the AudioKinetron. Although there are other AIT devices available, there is no research evidence to indicate that they are as effective as the AudioKinetron or the Earducator. There are several companies that manufacture and distribute other AIT devices. Unfortunately, they have used the term 'Berard-AIT' without my permission and without my testing their devices. Be careful, these devices differ from the AudioKinetron and Earducator with respect to the narrow-band filters (width and/or depth), type of music, and/or the type of wide-band filtering (also called 'modulation'). I am not aware of any AIT device that is identical to the AudioKinetron and the Earducator.

Over a 20-year period, I gave AIT to 8,000 clients and observed wonderful results. In 1982 I published a book (in France) titled Audition égale comportement. The book was later translated into English in 1992 and titled Hearing Equals Behavior. In 1992, Annabel Stehli wrote a book titled Sound of a Miracle in which she discussed the improvements she saw in her daughter, Georgie, after receiving AIT from me. There have been many research studies supporting the efficacy of my AIT method. The Autism Research Institute has placed a summary of research studies on their Internet website (

Although there is a standard protocol for Berard AIT, some practitioners do not follow the guidelines. I have written a short article titled 'Key Guidelines for Berard AIT.' I also wrote an article, Filtering Auditory Peaks Using the Berard Method of AIT (pdf format), describing how to set the narrow-band filters on the AudioKinetron and the Earducator. And finally, there is a new Internet program which will help AIT practitioners determine the most appropriate filter settings for their clients:

My method of AIT is provided by professionals, trained by either myself or an approved instructor, at their center or clinic. I have not approved any home-based program at this time. In order to achieve the best results, training should be provided under the daily supervision of a Berard-approved practitioner. The practitioner will observe the individual and discuss progress with the parents. Based on this, the practitioner may offer suggestions to help the client adjust to the changes they are likely to be experiencing. My method is quite effective when provided properly by the trained practitioner.

There are now hundreds of Berard AIT practitioners throughout the world. A list of AIT practitioners is located on the Autism Research Institute's website. Please be aware that their list contains practitioners who offer various sound-based interventions. Many on this list offer Berard AIT and some offer other forms of auditory interventions.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I will add more in the future.

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